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Why I Went to New York for STD Testing

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Sexually transmitted diseases and infections are on the rise among all age groups and social demographics. Since there can be serious health implications for untreated sexual diseases, this is a worrying trend. Fortunately, both STIs and STDs are largely preventable.

How To Prevent STDs

Sexual abstinence is the only reliable way to fully protect yourself from contracting an STD or an STI. However, many people do not consider this to be a practical or desirable option so you need to be aware of how to practice safe sex.

Wearing a condom is the most frequently given advice for preventing both sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. As long as they are used properly and consistently, they will prevent the spread of conditions such as gonorrhea and HIV in up to 95 percent of cases. But contrary to what many people believe, they are not effective for all diseases and infections. Condoms offer very little protection against the human papilloma virus, for example, or genital herpes.

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This means that the only true way to guard your sexual health is to undergo STD screening. In a monogamous relationship, both partners should make an appointment with their local STD testing clinic before the relationship becomes sexual. There are many clinics which offer this confidential service – simply search the local business listings for “STD testing New York“.

If you are having sex outside a monogamous relationship you should always use protection such as a condom. This will need to be combined with regular STD testing. Diseases and infections such as herpes can be treated effectively if they are diagnosed early on, and should not cause serious long term problems.

What Are The Symptoms of STDs In Females

Women with an STD may experience:

* unusual vaginal discharge
* itching
* discomfort when urinating
* unexpected bleeding, for instance in between periods or after intercourse

However, it is also extremely common for a woman with an STD to show no symptoms at all. The only way to be sure that you are free from infections and diseases is to be tested.

What Are The Symptoms Of STDs in Males?

The symptoms in males are very similar to those seen in females. The signs of an STD include:

* unusual discharge from the head of the penis
* swollen or sore testicles
* itching
* discomfort when urinating

Again, it is important to stress that STDs are frequently asymptomatic. Just because you appear to be healthy does not guarantee that you do not have an underlying STD.

If you cannot recall the last time you underwent an STD test – or you have never had one – book one at your earliest opportunity. It will give you peace of mind that you are in good health.

Here’s another option for STD testing in New York:

Does The Tria Home Hair Removal System Really Work?

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The one thing that seems to remain consistent in the hair removal industry is that there are always lots of different techniques to choose from. As a result, it can sometimes be very hard to choose which one will work best for you. Hair Eliminators is one website that knows exactly what I’m writing about.

Tria has become a very popular choice for home hair removal because it is safe, effective, less expensive than many other options.

The Tria is a a device which can be held in your hand yet it emits a laser which is directed toward hair follicles. With repeated exposure to the light from the Tria, the hair follicle eventually dies leaving you with soft, smooth skin. With the Tria the hair removal is permanent and you will never have to wax, trim, or shave again!


This is exciting for the many people who are simply tired of spending time shaving every few days. And it is certainly a big step up over the discomfort of receiving regular waxings! And even though you can use your Tria in your very own home, the results are very comparable to those you would receive from a laser treatment center.

When people who purchased the Tria were asked the reasons, the majority of answers fit into two categories:

The first category was simply privacy. People don’t like visiting a clinic or spa that requires a measure disrobing and being exposed to a stranger. Even though most hair removal centers are completely professional, there is still a reluctance on the part of many to suffer the embarrassment simply to have hair removed.

The second reason most cited was price. While spa treatments vary in price, it is not likely you will ever find a Spa that will cost less than the price of purchasing a Tria.

You might also consider that the time it takes to have hair permanently removed with laser treatments varies by individual. As a result, prices sometimes skyrocket and you end up paying much more than you were originally quoted.

Use the Tria and you only pay once. Even if it takes longer to get the results you want, you still only make a one time payment.

Is the Tria safe? Yes. It has FDA approval so you know you will not be doing damage to your body when you use it. Also, the Tria comes with a one year warranty, so the manufacturer stands behind the product.

No wonder the tria laser has become such a popular choice for home hair removal. It really works, the results are permanent, it is inexpensive, and it is safe.


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